Thursday, January 20, 2011

Drunk and Textual

So my Best friend here in SF has a crazy blog called drunk and textual.

She wanted a logo for the site so I made her one.

Catan ehem.. I mean JAtan.

The first tile is laser cut! I'm really excited to see how the rest turn out...

Drawings on an airplane

I was on an air plane. I got bored. I drew.

Seeing things...

You know when you were a kid and you would lay on your back and stare at the clouds with your friends and talk about the shapes you saw? I still do that.. sorta.. Sometimes I see an object, a random shape, or negative space and looks like something else to me. While I was away on Christmas vacation, I was sitting across from my cousin at dinner and told him, hey! That salt shaker looks like a penguin! He gave me a very skeptical look so I whipped out some paper and a pen...

Mossy Trees Make Me Happy

An oil painting of a cool tree I saw a pic of. Sooo Mossy!

It's a small one.. I like small lol