Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spirit Animals

I have a new painting to share! Actually 2... but my most recent one is what reminded me I have a sketch blog I need to show off on! It all started with an assignment from my online art class I am taking from the amazing Mira Reisberg (www.herosartjourney.com)
The assignment was to find your totem (spirit) animal and illustrate it. After much thinking I found I felt the otter was what I identified with the most. Since then I am retaking the class again and did another totem, but this time for my cousin who's totem is a dragonfly. I have enjoyed doing both these paintings so much I have decided to do a series of spirit animals. It is so inspiring and I really enjoy the technique I have gotten into with these pieces. I hope you enjoy them too! Both are 11x14 clay board with acrylic and gouache paint with color pencil. The otter has torn paper for texture as well.